January 2020 Update

I’m very conscious that we haven’t done much with the website of late, with most of our udpates being posted via our Facebook page instead.

I still have a number of articles to write up regarding some of the projects we’ve been doing and of course the ongoing restorations & “neverwas” creations. Eventually I’ll get around to posting some more updates here.

The 2020 exhibition diary is now updated. This year we’re doing just seven exhibitions – a quiet year for us compared with previous years but already we’ve had a number of requests for 2021 so we’re certainly not disappearing any time soon!

Since the layout was created. I’ve dabbled in occasional Ebay sales (but mostly purchases!) but during 2019 we decided to sell off some of the rolling stock that was considered surplus to requirements, I also began creating some “neverwas” items purely with sales in mind. We’re certainly not trying to turn our hobby into a profit making enterprise but building, maintaining and running an exhibition layout comes at a cost. The initial building costs of I ‘Ad That were never fully added up but certainly ran into four figures. The boards, rolling stock and the trailer we use for transport also require regular maintenance. From a set of carbon brushes to a new tralier jockey wheel, it all costs money. Therefore from time to time, there will be items offered for sale as we look to cover our ongoing operating costs. If anyone wants a Southern or GWR TPO set then do get in touch!

Fear not – we’re not downsizing, we’re not selling up and we’re not turning this into a business!



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