HRCA 50th – Stoneleigh

We were honoured to be invited to exhibit at the HRCA’s 50th anniversary weekend at Stoneleigh.

We arrived on Friday afternoon to setup and this ensured that we had plenty of time to level everything and make sure that everything worked properly.

It was a very busy weekend and we found ourselves in the centre of the main exhibition hall, surrounded by excellent exhibits, traders and like-minded nerds!

It was also a chance to meet up with other HRCA members and put names to faces (finally).

A few items were put into the bring & buy sale, with most of them selling. We decided that it was time to part ways with the Hogwarts express set that I built some time ago – these days it doesn’t get much use and spends lots of time sat in the fiddle yard. Corfe Castle also departed, along with Crepello. We have sufficient Castles and Deltics these days and having replaced the St Paddy over the weekend (having sold the other one before Christmas) it was really no longer needed. I’m not looking to profit from the layout but it needs to pay its way and this allows us to invest in its future and subsidise those exhibitions that require an overnight stay!

I also finally managed to get my hands on a Southern N2 tank and even though the armature turned out to be defective, not a problem here when there’s Dennis Williams, aka the Dublo Surgeon in the next room selling spares and of course his rewound armatures!

The highlight for us though was not only that we got to meet up with Dublo legend, Ron Dodd again, we also got to visit his loft and admire his fantastic creation. No pictures or videos can ever do this justice and we were totally in awe at what he has created!

Thankfully, casualties were mercifully light this weekend and those that did fail were easily put right (thanks Dennis!). A couple of minor track niggles that will need attention in due course and the newly installed, servo operated points (more to come on that) performed well.

many pictures were taken, far too many to post on here (there is an upload limit!) but you can find them all on our Facebook page.

Our thanks to the HRCA for having us, keep us in mind for the 55th!

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